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This was great experience & a one step ahead to know the nature unfolding un noticed with complexities & yet so simple to eyes. Couple of months back came across a blog & the experience of a NTP, had not known till then there exists a training like this & left a email to Karthikeyan( Great guy.. everybody call him Karthik), luckily got a email few days back about the programme going to happen on 26th till 28th of March 2010..more luckily i got selected & we were in the campus of JLR bannerghatta.
Well this course was conducted by S.Karthikeyan, Chief Naturalist at JLR, who was earlier with WWF for more than 17years, Knows anything on plants, insects, reptiles, birds & mammals, In fact i came to know that FIG is a flower & not a fruit, how wonderfully he explained its full lifecycle & from then on my perspective towards plants changed.


Common tailor bird was the first photograph i took as soon i came to this place.


Indian Pea Fowl

The program concentrates on birdwatching, plants kingdom to some extent of reptiles & Butterflies.


My tent was just next to the training hall, as soon as i got into my tent & i saw this big spider in the toilet :O



This bird was making very sweet calls to take its photo & posed for a longtime 😉



Tickell’s Blue Flycatcher

To say ..it was a good informative & a well drafted for the beginners on introduction to nature & its importance for existence. We had some trails in morning & evenings everyday briefing on the plants , insects & birds.


Bannerghatta had some mammals (herbivorous track) like nilgai, black buck ,India gaur, sambar , barking deer & spotted deer.


Black buck in its full colours as its name says 😉

It was pretty hot during day times & i usually see the barking deer & birds come near campus the to drink water .


Barking Deer

Second day of training, we had the chance to meet Sandeep who was the alumni of First batch 2005 NTP & now currently running a NGO which is doing some good job like clearing plastics from forest areas & educating tribal & village children.



Sandeep briefing to participants



Asian paradise flycatcher


Blue Bearded Bee-Eater



Golden Fronted Leaf bird



Grasshopper i suppose


Flirting at top





White Browed Fantail



Collared Scops Owl

Collared Scops Owl



Overall it was a nice & informative programme with a responsible approach towards learning nature & to protect them by knowing its importance of its very existence.

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  1. Hi, Lovely photographs Saandip.

  2. Thanks kanchuki

  3. fantastic! Loved Karthik's image 🙂

  4. Nice pictures Saandip


  5. Thanks Sandeep.. I Know ;).. he doesnt pose usually..

  6. Thanks Sudhir..

  7. awesome photos.. U did not told me bout this .. i would hav joined u for the training program..

  8. Hi Sandip,

    Can you give some more details about the Training Program. Is there a website that I can refer to?


  9. hi.. nice to see your blog .. wonderful pics ..have been travelling since … nimesh …

  10. Hi Nimesh…thanks for dropping by..

  11. Hi Sandip,

    Just read this post on JLR Training Program and am very much interested. What were the fees and how the stay was there? Enjoyed reading your post and look forward to going for this program! 🙂


  12. Hi Sandeep…

    Nice account of the naturalist programme….do let me know how i can do this as well…thanks 🙂

    Godwin – Ranthambore

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