Jun 222011

Its not a BIG mosquito & they don’t bite too, they are not abnormal mosquito either but a Crane fly commonly called as “Mosquito Hawk” but it doesn’t prey on mosquitoes either . There are many species of crane flies but i stumbled across this particular species (Nephrotoma Suturalis Wulpian)

Crane Fly (Nephrotoma Suturalis Wulpian)

Crane fly belongs to Diptera family (Two wings), The adult are harmless but the larvae maybe harmful to grass & lawns in garden.

Crane Fly (Nephrotoma Suturalis Wulpian)

Behaviour & description was extracted from Internet & not observed by me .

But pictures are definitely mine 😉

Crane Fly

Thanks for reading & its only my attempt to say that its harmless & could be saved from squashing.

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  1. I saw this in Agumbe last year.

    Nice one.


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