Jul 022011

It was a three day photography tour at Agumbe, the first day ended up meeting & rescuing the King. Second & third day was full of life as we found many species of Insects, Amphibians & Snakes .

Agumbe rain forest is the perfect example for bio-diversity & is alive every minute, I would say “Never take a step without a camera in hand” .  The fun-guy(fungi) of rain forest are so amazing that it comes in all sizes & forms.

calocera cornea

Calocera cornea


Coprinus Disseminatus



Weird looking fungi too 😀

Lenzites sp

Lenzites sp

Even the dead leaf or the blooming flower is trying to immitate the King here 😉


For more photos of Agumbe click here.

  7 Responses to “Agumbe Rainforest-Fungi”

  1. Thanks Krups.. yes every bit of thing in agumbe is a perl & well to names , bit of search on net, or getting help from friends who are good in respective subjects & sometimes fieldguides.. 🙂

  2. Gorgeous photographs… Agumbe is an amazing biodiversity….

  3. its just awesome saandip………….

  4. when will be ur next trip to agumbe?

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