Dec 282011

Jayamangali Black Buck Reserve was a long pending trip on my wishlist. Day just came as Deepa Mohan initiated a day trip & I confirmed immediately.

Jayamangali (formerly called as Maidanahalli) is in Madhugiri taluk, Tumkur district of Karnataka. This place is appox 140Kms from Bangalore where availability of food & drinking water is absolutely nill as this is rather more like a neglected place by the forest dept & as a result heavy encroachment , cattle grazing , movement of brick lorries seen inside the reserve.

As per the plan our first stop for breakfast was Dobbaspet’s “famous Thatte Idly”, ย but we ended up in some local joint ๐Ÿ™ . ย It was decided to start birding in Devarayana Durga forest, esp the Yellow Throated Bulbuls enroute Maidanahalli where we visited Bhoga Narasimha Swamy temple to pickup our packed lunch(Pongal).


Bhoga Narasimhaswamy Temple- Devarayana Durga


View from summit of Devarayana Durga


Route we took was Devarayana Durga > Madhugiri > Puravara > Blackbuck reserve. I pulled out cameras as it would be a window birding & driving.


Small Blue Kingfisher


Madhugiri Fort




Egyptian Vulture

Long Tailed Shrike

Long Tailed Shrike


Pied Bushchat – Male


Jayamangali Black Buck Reserve Entranceย 

Black Buck – Male


Bay Backed Shrike


Common Wood Shrike


Montagu’s Harrier – Juv


Black Buck – Female (Doe)



Black Shouldered Kite

Well it was around 5pm, we thought of returning as the sun was slowly going down. Still it was amazing to see some 20+ Green Bee-Eater Mudbathing .

Mud Bathing

Kids playing with mud while all others busy in shooting the sunset ๐Ÿ™‚

When the photos turn to silloute ,its the time you relax a bit & think of home ๐Ÿ™‚

Everything which was ย fast, noisy & bumpy ride from morning till evening ย suddenly turned out to be silent calm &ย mesmerizingย as we all watched the sun going down at a distance ๐Ÿ™‚ .


Way back we took the Maidanahalli > Madhuugiri> Tumkur Dobbaspet > Bangalore, had dinner at Kamat restaurant & reached home at 11:45pm.

Thanks for reading folks…. ๐Ÿ™‚

  27 Responses to “Jayamangali Black Buck Reserve – Maidanahalli”

  1. Awesome Pictures Saandip…

  2. Thanks Krups ๐Ÿ™‚ … Yep yep..

  3. Lovely shots!

  4. WOW! What stunning pics, Saandip! Really breathtaking! Too bad I missed it…

  5. Great Snaps!!. Very nicely captured and the mood is awesome.

  6. Nice Nice and Nice……. Sandeep..

    Liked all Black bucks that you have shot…

  7. I missed this wonderful trip, envy that you people had a good time ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Awesome pictures. I once went till Madhugiri Fort specifically to see the Jain Temple. A small temple with a single Jain Family in town. Next time I can plan a longer trip.

  9. I am planning to visit Jayamangali/Maidenahalli soon.
    I am looking for options to stay overnight near Jayamangali,
    When I called the RFO today, I was told that no more bookings are made at the guest house room because of the water problems.

    What other options are available to stay at Jayamangali ? Please let me know if anyone knows.

  10. beautiful pics…loved seeing them…

  11. nice photography…. beautiful place near Bangalore ,,,,

  12. Nice information……any specific season or time to visit…..this place……..I see u visited during December…….saw your article just now and I feel like going there for birding/photography……suggest me the best time to visit……thank you………..girish

  13. very nice photo’s and I have enjoyed viweing it

  14. I am planning to visit Jayamangali by tomorrow, 28th June. I am looking for options to stay overnight near Jayamangali, When I tried reaching the RFO today, but the numbers were not working. Please let me know what other options are available to stay at Jayamangali !!!

    • Hi Doyeli.
      I am afraid there arenโ€™t any options to stay overnight. FD has stopped this facility long back.
      Nearest & safest would be Tumkur, If you come across any nearby during your visit please let me knw & i would love to include that info here.

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