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Dipor Bil or Deepor Beel is located in the south-west of Guwahati city. It is a permanent freshwater lake in the former south channel of Brahmaputra River.


It is called as a wetland under the Ramsar Convention which has listed the lake for undertaking conservation measures on the basis of its biological and environmental importance in November 2002.

With 219 bird species of which 70 are migratory during winter season, Any new birdwatcher/ photographer is certainly taken aback by the large pile of municipal waste dumped close to a Ramsar site. Yes, it is a potential ecological threat for Deepor Beel. Here the crowd is more of picnickers than serious bird watchers.


Common Stonechat

I would call it a half day birdwatching place, Early morning trip to Deepor Beel and its adjoining areas would yield plenty of birdwatching opportunities.


Lesser Adjutant Stork

Unfortunately my flight was rescheduled to land at Guwahati at 11am instead of 10am & lost some more time in finding the correct spot at Beel.


White Wagtail

Country boats are available at the office for boating within the wetland, Boatmen charges between Rs 100 to 200 for a sail at least for couple of hours.

Boatman-Dipor-BeelOur Boatman

If one wants to visit Deepor Beel soon after landing at the aiport, one should drive down up to Jhalukbari rotary and take right-hand turn towards national highway 37 which heads to Kaziranga national park. On the highway, one should stop at Garchuk police point (about 11 km from Jhalukbari) and again take right-hand turn. Once you have taken that route, drive another 10 km till you see the wetland with watch tower on the right side of the road.


People on the roadside will always be eager to help out with directions if you seek for. On the way of course it is suggestible to make stops and look around for birds near fringes of Deepor Beel which offers excellent finds of birds.


Greater Adjutant Storks

dipor-beelDeepor Beel View Point cum office

Date of Visit: 2nd Nov 2013

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  1. Such superb images….enjoyed the post very much.

  2. list haaki buddhi 🙂

  3. Beautiful framing….Espessially with the boats…..

  4. Beautiful clicks. Did you get the migratory ducks? We had visited the area early this year but they had already left. It’s a pity that most of the wetlands all around the country are turning into dumpyards. Very soon there will be no Deepor Beel.

  5. Thanks so much Rajesh.. 🙂

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