Photography is my passion & the most attracted subject were the colourful birds. I constantly lookout for places & travel around. I have learnt my subject better at field by identifying them and watching them for hours, this makes me to understand their behaviour well.

Did a naturalist course conducted by Jungle Lodges & Resorts from Bangalore & Naturalist Leadership course by Tiger Watch from Ranthambhore India. Should I call my self a “nature lover” a “ Wildlifer” or a “Naturalist“? Call me so if you want to. All I know is “I love photography & nature“. I try to get better day by day and constantly challenge myself  in my photography. We live on a beautiful planet that we share with many other animals. I hope that in my photography I portray the natural beauty around us and in doing so remind everyone how lucky we are to share this environment with such an incredible diversity of species. I hope you enjoy my work and that we can share our experiences and knowledge.