Sep 202013
Golden Ant

Golden Ant ( Polyrhachis illaudata) is an arboreal ant that live in the canopies of sub-tropical rain forests in Western Ghats, India. They construct nests by binding leaves with the silk produced from their own larvae. However this species does not belong to genuine weaver ants like Oecophyll. Fulgoromorpha Nymph on left &  Golden Ant on right

Aug 062013
Red Velvet Mite

Red velvet mite is an arachnid that belongs to the family Trombidiidae.  They are found in most parts of the world from tropical regions like South India and sub-Saharan region to cold regions like Canada and Scotland.  Red Velvet Mite Recently I had a chance to volunteer Uniform distribution to forest guards by WWF at

Jul 212013
Reddish Burrowing Frog

Reddish Burrowing Frog (Fejervarya rufescens) Typical habitat near water bodies, on landlaterite rocks, stones, forest clearing. Elevation upto 1500m   This frog is endemic to India, widespread across the Western Ghats and the Western Coast. A tiny frog, it merges into the pebbles around it with utmost ease. Found usually during monsoon along laterite rock

May 102013

Mutual preening between two birds, the main purpose of which is to reduce the instinctive aggression when birds are in close contact. In the breeding season allopreening helps to strengthen the pair bond between the male and female.   Jungle Babblers  This behaviour is especially common in parrots, babblers, crows and some finches, or when

Nov 232011

  This little insectivorous plant is found growing in muddy edges of ponds, bogs and rivers, where the soil is peaty.It is a small herbaceous, perennial, aquatic plant, with short and slender fibrous root. Their leaves are orbicular on long stalks, depressed, Iying flat on ground and have on upper surface long red viscid hairs,

Sep 072011

I saw something crawling near the stone bench at my backyard, it was a bat!!! first I thought it was a fruit bat which is usually seen near my home. We have a mango tree & also a fig & silk cotton tree 300Mtrs away from my home. So, fruit bats are usual & sometimes

Aug 032011
Ant Mimicry-2

Ants are particularly good animals to mimic, (Yes its an animal , it belongs to Insecta Class, Anthropoda Phylum,  Kingdom Animalia) Firstly because they available in large numbers & they are distasteful to many other animals or dangerous to eat. So by looking like an ant, the spider mimic is less likely to be noticed

Jul 142011
Brahminy Blind Snake

Today  I was mending some flowerpots in my backyard as recent rain had destroyed newly grown flowering plants, While emptying a flowerpot I saw a strange worm, approximately around 4 Cms long. At first I thought that it was a earthworm & wanted it to be in the same pot as they keep the soil

Jun 222011

Its not a BIG mosquito & they don’t bite too, they are not abnormal mosquito either but a Crane fly commonly called as “Mosquito Hawk” but it doesn’t prey on mosquitoes either . There are many species of crane flies but i stumbled across this particular species (Nephrotoma Suturalis Wulpian) Crane fly belongs to Diptera

May 192011

Came home afternoon for lunch & as usual will have little time before we start & i was watching TV, My two daughters were playing in the backyard as they are having summer holidays, Knowing that i was home they came inside & told me that they saw a different kind of spider in the