Jul 212013
Reddish Burrowing Frog

Reddish Burrowing Frog (Fejervarya rufescens) Typical habitat near water bodies, on landlaterite rocks, stones, forest clearing. Elevation upto 1500m   This frog is endemic to India, widespread across the Western Ghats and the Western Coast. A tiny frog, it merges into the pebbles around it with utmost ease. Found usually during monsoon along laterite rock

Jul 022011

Agumbe has many species of amphibians & I always wanted to photograph the charismatic Malabar Flying Frog & Draco (Malabar flying lizard), unfortunately i dint get any photos of Dracos as it usually comes out during sunshine but our three days were wet & pouring :). Malabar Gliding Frog (Rhacophorus malabaricus) Amboli Bush Frog Leaping