Mar 212014
Woodpecker facts

Hear about ‘Woodpecker’, we always think of a tough beak. The woodpecker can move its beak up to 16 times per second as it strikes a tree(depends on species), creating an immense force of 1,000 G’s – 250 more times than astronauts are subjected to. Once it’s broken through the tree bark, it uses its

Aug 032011
Ant Mimicry-2

Ants are particularly good animals to mimic, (Yes its an animal , it belongs to Insecta Class, Anthropoda Phylum,  Kingdom Animalia) Firstly because they available in large numbers & they are distasteful to many other animals or dangerous to eat. So by looking like an ant, the spider mimic is less likely to be noticed

Jul 282011

Prakruti Creations led by Mr.B.Srinivas & Mr.H.V.Praveen Kumar both from YPS Bangalore arranged a 3Day Nature Photography Workshop at Bandipur  Karnataka from 21st-23rd July 2011 & stay was at the very best Jungle Lodges Bandipur 🙂 . We all left Bangalore at 6:30 in morning, had breakfast at Ramanagara & reached JLR campus at around