Jun 272012
Ant Mimic – Myrmarachne sp

Recently I had been to Valley school for birdwatching. Surprisingly there wasn’t much bird activity & eventually I was in look out for insects & butterflies. Saw this amazing ant like spider moving very fast on ground, sometimes hiding behind small grass & popping out once a while.  It waves its forelegs mimicking the antenna

Aug 032011
Ant Mimicry-2

Ants are particularly good animals to mimic, (Yes its an animal , it belongs to Insecta Class, Anthropoda Phylum,  Kingdom Animalia) Firstly because they available in large numbers & they are distasteful to many other animals or dangerous to eat. So by looking like an ant, the spider mimic is less likely to be noticed

May 192011

Came home afternoon for lunch & as usual will have little time before we start & i was watching TV, My two daughters were playing in the backyard as they are having summer holidays, Knowing that i was home they came inside & told me that they saw a different kind of spider in the

Apr 212011

It was a hot afternoon yesterday & I had some strange visitors in my backyard, After lunch I went to my backyard for a casual walk & saw a unusual patch near the small bamboo plant, on close observation i found that a mantis was displaying its defensive behaviour (Opening wings & showing brightly coloured