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There are many stories about the orgin of the name Nandi Hills. During the Chola period, Nandi Hills was called Ananda Giri meaning The Hill of Happiness. Another story is that Yoga Nandeeshwara performed penance here, and so it was named after him. A temple of Yoga Nandeeshwara is situated on top of the hill. Nandi is also commonly called Nandidurga (Fort) because of the fort build here by the ruler Tippu Sultan. It is also perhaps called Nandi Hills because the hill resembles a sleeping bull (Nandi).


Route:On Bangalore Bellary road, reach Devanahalli cross, which is on the 36 th milestone. Take the deviation on the left and travel 11 kilometers to reach Nandi cross. The foot of the hill is 3 kilometers from here. On the Doddaballapur road, turn right to reach the road that leads to the top of the hill. From the foot is 8 kilometers of the top.

Timings: Nandi hills is open from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m.


Climate : The temperature is 25 to 28 centigrade during summer and 8 to 10 centigrade in winter. Nandi receives a rainfall of 100 to 150 cms every year.

Eurasian Black Bird

Birds of attraction: Coucals, Sunbirds, Common Chiffchaffs, Bulbuls, Sunbirds, Mynas, Crows, Sparraows, Wagtails, Robins, Orioles, not many kinds were fond to us as we had less time to head back anticipating rush traffic in city.

More Photos of Nandi Hills on this link

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