Apr 212011

It was a hot afternoon yesterday & I had some strange visitors in my backyard, After lunch I went to my backyard for a casual walk & saw a unusual patch near the small bamboo plant, on close observation i found that a mantis was displaying its defensive behaviour (Opening wings & showing brightly coloured reddish pink under wings & arms wide open. I then hurriedly brought my camera & to my surprise it had just hopped on to a nearby dried mango branch.

Flower Mantis
Creobroter – C. gemmatus (Flower mantis)
Thanks to Karthik for idying it for me.

After taking some closeup shots I just wondered why it was displaying its defensive behaviour when no one was moving around ,  So i moved back to the bamboo plant where it was seen first & to my surprise saw a crab spider & it was crawling on the same place where mantis was before.

Crab Spider

Crab Spider
Thanks to Vittal for Idying the spider for me.

I had not seen these creatures in my backyard so far & i hope that mantis displays its defensive behaviour.

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  1. Excellent photograph and story 🙂

  2. Thanks deepa 🙂 for pointing to right person for idying.. I wanted the underwings photo but could not manage to get it..

  3. Wow.. nice observation with great patience…
    Perfect Shot..

  4. Thanks krups.. after two days of rain.. its not be seen 🙂 ..

  5. Hey !!

    Indeed, they are all fantastic pictures…Only the capturing lens and eyes can see the true beauty. Xcellent:)

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