Jan 252012

Recently we had a college reunion at a coffee estate in Sakaleshpur, while sharing thoughts with the owner, I found that Kopi luwak an Indonesian pronounce for Civet Coffee is the costliest of all coffee grades. He explained that these civet cat chooses to eat only the best ripe coffee berries & the undigested seeds are excreted in their poo.

Coffee bean

The processed & final coffee is bitter it seems 😀 .. (what else to expect), more bitter part was when we were informed that a civet cat was captured in the nearby estate, we rushed to that estate & the owner was first hesitant to allow us inside & then he took us deep inside his estate were the civet was caught using a custom made iron cage.

Common Palm Civet

We tried to educate the owner of the estate to release the civet , but he dint do it & instead threatened us to go out his estate, while one our friend had a war of words it was released by my friend & nearly 20 to 30 peoples started abusing us & by then our work was done & we all came back to our estate as we had to check out that noon. Definitely sad that it is  going to come again & fall into the same trap 🙁 ..

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