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Thippagondanahalli Reservoir, also known as T G Halli Dam or Chamarajsagar, is located at the confluence of the Arkavathi and Kumudavathi River, 35 km west of Bangalore, India. The name Thippagondanahalli was named after the village head Thippagonda.  A supervised construction from the very great Bharatha Ratna Sir M. Visvesvaraya. The dam was built & inaugurated in 1933, the back water provides a good birdwatching spot for the bird lovers. Migratory birds are seen in flocks here during winter.Entry to the BWSSB place is now restricted but I remember it was one of my favourite spots a few years back,now its only the backwaters left for birdwatching.

Best time to visit: October to April.

Distance from Bangalore : Approx 35Kms.

Pros: Best place to photograph swallows when they perch on small twigs & river terns at close range.

Cons: Driving too very near water bank might turn risky as your vehicle may get stuck in loose soil.

Its a half day birdwatching spot , either morning or evening with packed food & drinking water is best ( avoiding eating in hotel near nature places might lower the risks of future commercialisation & hazards “this is only my immature estimations” & this is not a tourist place).

Have compiled photographs made during my visits (October to March).


Thippagondanahalli Back waters (Savandurga Hill is seen at the back)

Once submerged Sangameshwara temple of  TG Halli

Illegal Fishing starts at early hours

Ashy Prinia

Ashy Prinia

Pied Buschat Female

Pied Bushchat- Female

Pied Bush Chat – Male

Grey Wagtail

Ashy Crowned Sparrow Lark – Male

Ashy Crowned Sparrow Lark  – Female


Indian Roller

Indian Silverbill

Common Kestrel

Barn Swallow



Intermediate Egret

Intermediate Egret


 Little Cormorant


Black Winged Stilt

Open Billed-stork

Little Ringed-plover

Little Ringed Plover


Pied Kingfisher


River Tern

River Tern

Brahminy Kite

Black Kite

Bar Headed Goose

Common Green Shank

Little Grebe.

& my favourite cute little bird 🙂 the Pratincole

        Small Pratincole

Thanks for dropping by folks 🙂

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  1. awesome!!

  2. Awesome pics (as always). Loved the river tern pic….

  3. Ah searching your pictures, I reached to this place :). River tern is excellent one. Lovely blog

  4. Lovely read and pics…., as said by many, Rivertern, pic is amazing… :-)…..


  5. Lovely pics! Hope we have a good time there, we are planning a visit tomorrow. Thanks for the info!

  6. Thanx for the info dude! Visiting there tomorrow and hoping to get a few good shots.

  7. Hi Saandip…Nice pictures.
    I visited TG halli last year in Feb-2012 and spotted few bar headed geese there.
    Would like to see them this year too. Planning to go again on first week of Feb. Is this the right time?
    The image of bar headed geese posted in the blog is taken in Jan-2013?
    Please suggest.

    • Hi Shashwat.
      Thankyou… You could plan this week as its the right time & we saw more than 75 species of birds in a single day. Its at its best now. Yes the bar headed geese was seen on 13th Jan 2013.

  8. Great shots !

  9. Beautiful. Hearty congrats.

  10. Beautiful pictures Saandip! I’m curious to learn what gear you use to capture these amazing moments and life-like headshots of the birds. Do you think this month is a good time to visit this place?

  11. Great !

  12. Enjoyed all journals … Eager to see your next page !

  13. Your pics r simply superb, loved each one of them.

  14. Hey! How do u reach the backwaters of this place? Could you please give the directions. Thanks in advance

  15. Hi Team ,

    Could you please tell me .
    Do we need permission to go the place ?
    Also what time is the best time to reach ?


  16. Sandipji, excellent photos. Sir, this place appears so beautiful.
    We are visiting Bangluru onb 29 January with group of 25 students of Maharshi Dayanand College, Mumbai.and two days with us before we proceed to Nagarhole. Would you suggest this place to take students for birding. Is it good season? or hebbel lake? Kindly suggest.

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