Dec 272014
Pulicat Lake Bird Sanctuary

Pulicat is a small seashore township. Situated on the barricade island of Sriharikota which divides the Pulicat Lake from the Bay of Bengal, it is located at a distance of 18km from Sullurupeta, It is the second leading brackish lagoon in India–covering a total area of 720 sq km of which 84% comes in Andhra

Mar 212014
Woodpecker facts

Hear about ‘Woodpecker’, we always think of a tough beak. The woodpecker can move its beak up to 16 times per second as it strikes a tree(depends on species), creating an immense force of 1,000 G’s – 250 more times than astronauts are subjected to. Once it’s broken through the tree bark, it uses its

Mar 012014
Magadi Bird Sanctuary – Bar-Headed Goose

A quick plan along with Santosh, Yoganand , Avinash & me to visit Magadi lake, Lakshmeshwar, Gadag on 1st march 2014 to see Bar-headed goose which has come all the way from Mongolia & Tibet. Magadi Lake is in a small village Magadi of Shirahatti taluk, Gadag District, Karnataka. It is located 11Kms from Lakshmeshwar

Nov 032013
Birdwatching around Guwahati – Dipor bil

Dipor Bil or Deepor Beel is located in the south-west of Guwahati city. It is a permanent freshwater lake in the former south channel of Brahmaputra River. It is called as a wetland under the Ramsar Convention which has listed the lake for undertaking conservation measures on the basis of its biological and environmental importance

Jan 072013
Thippagondanahalli – TG Halli

Thippagondanahalli Reservoir, also known as T G Halli Dam or Chamarajsagar, is located at the confluence of the Arkavathi and Kumudavathi River, 35 km west of Bangalore, India. The name Thippagondanahalli was named after the village head Thippagonda.  A supervised construction from the very great Bharatha Ratna Sir M. Visvesvaraya. The dam was built & inaugurated in

Dec 202011

  Hessarghatta at 6:30am December It was more than a month i had been to birding after my Sundarbans tour, Two spots Nandi hills & Hesarghatta was on the list & finally decided on Hesarghatta, left home around 5:30am, fog all around & chilling breeze… ahhh!! fresh air after a longtime 🙂 . A drive

Mar 142011

It was a last minute decision between Nandi Hills & Hessarghatta lake. We picked Nandi Hills as we it was a long time we had visited this place in early 2010. Reached there by 6:15am & it was still foggy, we dint go directly to the top of the hill as it will get crowded

Feb 102011

Took the early morning flight from Chiang Mai to Bangkok , bargained a cab to Kaeng Krachan National Park at the Bangkok airport, Its a 3hr drive from Bangkok to this place. We also briefed the cab driver to cover Laem Pak Bia on way to Kaeng Krachan , Laem pak Bia is a good

Feb 042011

Thailand is a best place for photography, be it temples, landscapes , people or nature. It was a last minute sketch to do bird photography in thailand. One of my friend Mr.Lean Yen Loong from Oriental Bird Club hinted some pro & cons for bird photography in exotic kingdom of thailand. Prior to travel I

Mar 102010

This is the first trip to Masinagudi & Madhumalai forest located in the border of Karnataka and TamilNadu. As usual, I being the first person to initiate any wildlife place in our group, googled places and also asked reviews on net for stay & birding opportunity around Masinagudi. So, started to check for accommodation in