Jul 142011
Brahminy Blind Snake

Today  I was mending some flowerpots in my backyard as recent rain had destroyed newly grown flowering plants, While emptying a flowerpot I saw a strange worm, approximately around 4 Cms long. At first I thought that it was a earthworm & wanted it to be in the same pot as they keep the soil

Jul 032011

  All small shrine is maintained at ARRS Campus where Snake god (Nagappa – in kannada) is worshipped King Cobra -Female Malabar Pit Viper. Green Vine Snake. Hill Keelback (Shredding time so the eyes looks blurred with the extra skin covered) Calotes Calotes Cicada. Mayfly. Giant Stick Insect Fulgoridae | Kalidasa nigromaculata Cricket Insect Damselfly