Jan 032012
Garole Sheep – Bi-annual lambing

Garole, a precious sheep breed from West Bengal an eastern province of India, is having some outstanding genetic potentiality such as high fecundity and lambing frequency. Its prolificacy, lambing frequency, disease resistance and other extraordinary merits is rarely observed in any other sheep breeds of the world. Garole Sheep Garole weighs around 12-15Kgs in adult, It

Dec 282011
Jayamangali Black Buck Reserve – Maidanahalli

Jayamangali Black Buck Reserve was a long pending trip on my wishlist. Day just came as Deepa Mohan initiated a day trip & I confirmed immediately. Jayamangali (formerly called as Maidanahalli) is in Madhugiri taluk, Tumkur district of Karnataka. This place is appox 140Kms from Bangalore where availability of food & drinking water is absolutely

Dec 202011

  Hessarghatta at 6:30am December It was more than a month i had been to birding after my Sundarbans tour, Two spots Nandi hills & Hesarghatta was on the list & finally decided on Hesarghatta, left home around 5:30am, fog all around & chilling breeze… ahhh!! fresh air after a longtime 🙂 . A drive

Nov 232011

  This little insectivorous plant is found growing in muddy edges of ponds, bogs and rivers, where the soil is peaty.It is a small herbaceous, perennial, aquatic plant, with short and slender fibrous root. Their leaves are orbicular on long stalks, depressed, Iying flat on ground and have on upper surface long red viscid hairs,

Sep 072011

I saw something crawling near the stone bench at my backyard, it was a bat!!! first I thought it was a fruit bat which is usually seen near my home. We have a mango tree & also a fig & silk cotton tree 300Mtrs away from my home. So, fruit bats are usual & sometimes

Aug 032011
Ant Mimicry-2

Ants are particularly good animals to mimic, (Yes its an animal , it belongs to Insecta Class, Anthropoda Phylum,  Kingdom Animalia) Firstly because they available in large numbers & they are distasteful to many other animals or dangerous to eat. So by looking like an ant, the spider mimic is less likely to be noticed

Jul 282011

Prakruti Creations led by Mr.B.Srinivas & Mr.H.V.Praveen Kumar both from YPS Bangalore arranged a 3Day Nature Photography Workshop at Bandipur  Karnataka from 21st-23rd July 2011 & stay was at the very best Jungle Lodges Bandipur 🙂 . We all left Bangalore at 6:30 in morning, had breakfast at Ramanagara & reached JLR campus at around

Jul 142011
Brahminy Blind Snake

Today  I was mending some flowerpots in my backyard as recent rain had destroyed newly grown flowering plants, While emptying a flowerpot I saw a strange worm, approximately around 4 Cms long. At first I thought that it was a earthworm & wanted it to be in the same pot as they keep the soil

Jul 032011

  All small shrine is maintained at ARRS Campus where Snake god (Nagappa – in kannada) is worshipped King Cobra -Female Malabar Pit Viper. Green Vine Snake. Hill Keelback (Shredding time so the eyes looks blurred with the extra skin covered) Calotes Calotes Cicada. Mayfly. Giant Stick Insect Fulgoridae | Kalidasa nigromaculata Cricket Insect Damselfly

Jul 022011

Agumbe has many species of amphibians & I always wanted to photograph the charismatic Malabar Flying Frog & Draco (Malabar flying lizard), unfortunately i dint get any photos of Dracos as it usually comes out during sunshine but our three days were wet & pouring :). Malabar Gliding Frog (Rhacophorus malabaricus) Amboli Bush Frog Leaping